1. Log in into WordPress administration panel. Login details have been sent to your e-mail address

2. Select Spanish language from top bar. From now on, edition of translations in Spanish is launched.

3. In the left menu go to „Pages -> All Pages”

4. The view of all subpages for match-trade.com will open. At the very bottom you can switch between pages with translations:

5. To start translating, click on a subpage name from the list. Gutenberg editor will open. Default, all subpages are prepared in english language. When edit screen will open for the first time, disable full screen mode: 

6. Start translating subpages in the Gutenberg editor by replacing the existing texts with the new translation:

7. When you are finished translating the page, make sure you save your changes. Saving changes may take a while due to cache clearing. After saving the page, preview the changes and continue the further translation like in the video below:

Important notice !

1. Always check that the Spanish flag is displayed in the top bar when editing:

2. Do not change the main title for subpages:

3. Do not edit blocks that contain html or WordPress shortcode:

4. If something goes wrong, you can always restore the previous version of the subpage:

5. If you get stuck on any subpage and need help, please contact me:

slack: @Grzegorz Tarka
mail: gtarka@match-trade.com

I will help you with pleasure.